Working Energetically with Cancer

I believe we as energy healers can make a difference in the lives of those who are battling cancer. I have worked with dozens of clients and given more than 750 energy sessions with those who have had cancer. Every person with cancer faces huge fears, possible life threatening consequences. My motivation in working with them is to help alleviate some of these fears, to walk through this challenge with them and let them know they are not alone. I have found that they find great comfort and relief in this.

I believe that energy sessions can make a big difference in a client’s life in all aspects. This course covers much of what I experienced in working with those who have cancer. Cancer is prevalent in our society and if I can pass on what I have learned to make the world a better place I say mission accomplished. I hope you find the information in this course helpful on your energy healer’s path to help others.

I am offering this course in response to many inquiries about working energetically with clients who have cancer.

Course Objectives

  • Working energetically with  cancer tumors.
  • Working energetically with non tumor cancers.
  • Dealing with the negative effects of cancer treatments energetically
  • Information learned from actual client cases
  • learn how to safeguard the healers’ health
  • learn how to respect clients’ wishes
  • learn how to interact with client’s family and loved ones.

Course Details

Medical and energetic perspectives of cancers:
Working with a clients’ energy field, characterology, states of being.
Energy Healing approaches:to basic cancer tumor, to non tumor forming cancer, organ invasion.
Specific energy techniques for effects of chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries.
Personal Care for the healer
Support for the client
Support for the clients’ loved ones

Course Resources
3 one hour sessions of instruction and explanation of energy healing specific information
3 one group support calls in following 3 months
course manual – includes everything covered in the course

Once your workbook is emailed to you there are no refunds! Cost is $299 complete! Register Here!
Classes can be mix and match if you cannot make one. Choose the set with the best fit and make up classes you miss in the next set.