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I believe as an energy practitioner I can make a difference in my client’s lives regardless of their challenge. I have had many challenging times and that is why I want to be there to support you in any way I can.

Consider a Hands of Light Session or Personal Exploration Session(BIP) with Michael Johns, Michael is a 6 year graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and has also practiced Reiki.

Michael works with all issues and since graduation the majority of his practice is supporting those with cancer which includes working with the effects of chemotherapy. Michael has had clients whose tumors have shrunk as much as 30%-40% according to their doctor and a MRI. The doctor even stated that they wouldn’t say its a miracle but completely unexpected when traditional medicine had no hope.Michael’s  experience includes more than 750 healings over the past 5 years with these clients and hundreds of hours of researching available medical information. Michael has created several healing techniques that deal specifically with cancer and the effects of chemotherapy. Testimonials
A lot of what Michael does also includes supporting my client’s family with compassion, empathy and love. The family experiences emotional, mental and spiritual challenges they may not have known before and need someone to listen to them and support them.

Michael also offers services to help loved ones transition. As his client begins to transition his work becomes more consuming. He helps the family by listening to their concerns and offering support in anyway they need. Michael helps his client by helping them experience a conscious transition and an awareness of the process they are experiencing either in person or energetically. As a client was transitioning one evening a family member notified Michael that their loved one was struggling and in distress. The hospice nurse said there was nothing they could do. Michael connected energetically with his client and found the cause of her distress. Together they found a way to relieve her anxiety and she settled down into a peaceful state.

Michael also works with strokes, brain and nervous system injuries, pre-surgery and post-surgery clients. He offers In Person and Long Distance Sessions via Skype or Phone.

A Hands of Light Energy session is a dynamic process of working with what is here in the present moment by using deep listening, open mindedness and profound respect for your personal journey and assisting you with your life challenges.Services

If you would like a free 30 minute phone consultation (by appointment only).
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