“Having been diagnose with cancer I contacted Michael to schedule some healing sessions. I can not say enough about the amazing results I experienced when Michael worked on me during my chemotherapy and surgery. I experienced great relief from many of the side effects especially neuropathy and my recovery time from surgery was very fast. He has a great gift for being really present with you and holding a safe and sacred space to allow healing to happen..”

“I feel so blessed to have Michael in my life.  Over the last few years, he has been an extraordinary support for me in many ways.  Using energy healing, he helped helped me recover very quickly when I severely injured my arm.  After his support, my pain was minimal, and I was back at work in just a couple of days.
His intuition and spiritual insight are remarkable, as well.  He also has provided me with insights that have helped me make critical decisions with my business.  With his help, I could see how my own perspective and approach was limiting my ability to move forward, both in my business and in my personal relationships.  Michael is a kind and gentle soul, who speaks softly and has a huge heart.  And, he is willing to let me know what I don’t see about myself, with compassion, so I can let go of the past and move forward.  I work with him whenever I am stuck or challenged in my life, and he always makes a difference for me.  Michael is a very powerful healer, and I’m so grateful for his continued support.”
Castle Rock,CO

I first contacted Michael when my sister had terminal cancer and could no longer swallow. Within a couple of healings she could eat again. After a few more healings the doctor did an MRI and was amazed to find that the tumors Michael had worked on shrunk between 30% and 40%. The tumors we hadn’t told him about continued to grow.
When my sister did pass away he was instrumental in helping her find peace before she left. I am very grateful for having found Michael.