Energy Sessions, Long Distance Sessions, Personal Exploration (BIP) Sessions

Before your session:
There are a couple of forms to be filled out before your first session. A Consent Form and a New Client Intake Form. There is also a Parental Consent Form for a client who is under the age of consent. You can either email them back to me or bring them with you to your first appointment.

In Person Healing:
In our first session we will go over the consent form and the new client intake form and discuss in detail any concerns you have and any questions you may have. After this we will proceed like a normal session and discuss how you are doing and what you would like to receive in this session. This can take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes, there is time for all your concerns. From here we will move to the table to do the energy work. You will always be completely clothed and have as many blankets and pillows as you need to be completely comfortable. After the energy work there are a few minutes to rest and wake up, then we will have time to talk about what we experienced in the session. Here the session ends and we can decide when to check in about the session and the results you experienced.

Long Distance Healing:
How does long distance session work? Does the energy practitioner actually send energy to a client as far away as the other side of the world? Well, not exactly! The Universe is not empty, there is a complex web of energy which connects everything and everyone all through the universe. This web of energy is not bound by time or distance. So when the practitioner works with their client from a long distance the effect is immediate regardless of the distance. Seems difficult to grasp so let’s look at a simple example that can give us the general idea.
Suppose you have a 100 foot hose filled with water and attached to a water spigot. The instant you turn on the water, water comes immediately from the other end of the hose a 100 feet away. So if you think of the web of energy as the hose you can see how the practitioner using intention gets energy to the client a 1,000 miles away instantaneously. This is why long distance sessions are just as effective as if the practitioner is right in the room with the client.

How does a long distance session go?
Like an in person session we start off by having a conversation about your concerns and what you would like to receive in this session. This includes physical issues, emotionally troubling feelings and mental and spiritually challenging beliefs and images. This can be via Skype, phone or email, whichever you prefer.
Next we proceed to the part of the session where the energy work is accomplished. Each client has different preferences. Some like to keep Skype or the phone on during the entire session and others do not want the distraction and prefer I call them when the energy work is finished. After this we spend a few minutes discussing what we experienced in the session. This ends the session and at this point we decide when to check in with each other to discuss how effective the session was and make a future appointment if so desired.

What is a Personal Exploration (BIP) Session?

A BIP session was originally designed for students going to BBSH to support their personal growth and awakening. This support includes deep listening, presence, mindfulness and emotional support. These sessions work for everyone and if you’re not within driving distance they work great using Skype or Zoom!

Free 20 minute phone consultation upon request!

Class “Working Energetically with Cancer” $499  If interested please contact me
A 60 minute Hands of Light Energy Session $105
A 60 minute Personal Exploration Session (BIP) $105
A 30 minute Reiki Session $50
Pkg of 5 sessions $500
Pkg of 11 sessions $1050
BBSH Student Special 20 BIP sessions – $1900 Call for details

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There are discounts for veterans, seniors and those financially challenged.
These sessions can be in person, phone, Skype or Zoom.

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