I began my journey into the healing arts in 1977 as a Tai Chi student of the Yang Style. After 4 years of practicing 6 hours a day for six days a week I reached the highest possible rank in our school. From that point on I have taught and practiced Tai Chi to this day. Beyond the benefits you hear about from practicing there are many benefits for the energy healer. I have learned to control many aspects of my energy system. I have learned to send healing energy with warmth, coolness, softly, pulse the energy, slow down and speed up the flow without pushing because this is all done internally inside myself and not in the client. There are too many aspects of energy flow that I have learned from Tai Chi to mention here.

In 1981 I began a 30 year study of how energy works with the earth as a geophysicist. Here I learned about the mathematics and physics of energy and how it interacts with everything. The first years were learning the Newtonian aspects of energy. How an energy wave is made up of a multitude of frequencies, How the frequencies which are not beneficial can be filtered or transformed. Learning which types of energy waves are beneficial and which do nothing or are harmful.

I work with all issues and since graduation the majority of my practice is supporting those with cancer which includes working with the effects of chemotherapy. I have had clients whose tumors have shrunk as much as 30%-40% according to their doctor and a MRI. The doctor even stated that they wouldn’t say its a miracle but completely unexpected when traditional medicine had no hope. I have created several healing techniques that deal specifically with cancer and the effects of chemotherapy which I constantly use.
A lot of what I do also includes supporting my client’s family with compassion, empathy and love. The family experiences emotional, mental and spiritual challenges they may not have known before and need someone to hear them and assist them.

I also offer services to help loved ones transition. As my client begins to transition my work becomes more consuming. I help the family by listening to their concerns and offering support in anyway they need. I help my client by helping them experience a conscious transition and an awareness of the process they are experiencing either in person or energetically. As a client was transitioning one evening a family member notified me that their loved one was struggling and in distress. The hospice nurse said there was nothing they could do. I connected energetically with my client and found the cause of her distress. Together we found a way to relieve her anxiety and almost instantly I received a text saying she had settled down into a peaceful state.

I also work with strokes, brain and nervous system injuries, pre-surgery and post-surgery clients. I offer In Person and Long Distance Sessions via Skype or Phone.
Additionally, I offer BIP (Brennan Integration Practitioner) sessions with clients and BBSH students to help them discover and dissolve old images and beliefs that no longer serve them in having a fulfilling life.

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